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Getting Started
Creating an Invoice
You can create invoices either by importing them from other systems or by creating them manually.
Create from the Invoice Module
1. Open the Invoices
module in the left sidebar or press shift + i to open the Invoices module.
Click the + New button or press c + i to create a new invoice.

2. Select a customer
from the Customer Name dropdown menu. If this customer is not listed, you can add them to your contacts by clicking + New Customer and filling in the details.

3. Check the auto-generated Invoice#
or enter an invoice number manually, Click the Gear icon to change the prefix of the auto-generated invoice number or the change the setting to manually enter the invoice number each time.

4. Enter an Order Number
for the invoice.

5. Select the date
on which you’re raising the invoice.

6. Select the Terms
of payment for the invoice from the Due on Receipt dropdown menu. You’ll find the following options:
If you’ve created Billable Expenses and Projects for a customer, you can include them in the invoice while invoicing them. This enables you to consolidate all the items that you need to charge your customer into a single invoice instead of sending multiple invoices.
Create from a Project
If you charge your customers based on the time spent on a work, you can track their time by creating a project in the Timesheets module. You can create an invoice from within a project and include the tasks from the project to the invoice.
Customizing Invoices
All the invoices that are created use a template to display its information. You can customize the way invoice information is displayed by customizing the templates.